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Only one out of every 20 Egyptians knows the historical significance of 15 May

Only one out of every 20 Egyptians knows the historical significance of 15 May

Wrote: Ayman Wasfy


On the 45th anniversary of the Correction Revolution led by President al-Sadat on 15 May 1971, in which he removed from office some of the country’s key officials, commonly known as Marakez al-Quwa, or the Centers of Power, the Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research (Baseera) conducted a poll to assess the awareness of Egyptians about the place of 15 May in Egypt’s history. The poll is one in a series of surveys conducted by Baseera to gauge the knowledge of Egyptians about their history and highlight the knowledgegap among Egyptians and the need for this gap to be addressed by various state institutions

Although the history of 15 May is part of school curricula and although several bridges across the country, as well as a city, are named after that particular day, the percentage of people with knowledge of what happened on 15 Maydoesn’t exceed 5% of Egyptians. About 3% of those polled gave wrong answers and 92% said they don’t know

The poll shows that youths are less aware of the event compared to older people, as the percentage of those who offered the right answer among youths less than 30 years was 3%, compared to 10% among those aged 50 and above. Men were also more knowledgeable about the day, with 7% giving the right answer, compared to 3% damong women

Knowledge of the significance of the day increases with the level of education, as the percentage of those who gave the right answer increases from 3% among those with less than intermediate education, to 14% among those with university education. The percentage of those who said they don’t know decreases from 95% among those with less than intermediate education to 83% among those with university education

Worth mentioning that a similar poll conducted by Baseera on October 2015, marking the 59th anniversary of the 1956 Tripartite Aggression, also known as the Suez War, showed that only 23% of Egyptians knew the year in which the conflict took place, while 18% gave a wrong answer and 58% said they didn’t know


The poll was conducted using both mobile phones and landlines on a sample of 1541citizens aged 18 years old and above, and covering all governorates. All phone interviews were conducted from 18 to 20 April, 2016. The response rate was around 46%, and the margin of error in the results is less than 3%. The poll was self-funded by Baseera as a part of its social responsibility activities

For more information on the detailed findings and the methodology adopted, or to see the graphic presentation of results, please visit our website:  www.baseera.com.eg